BRIGHT ENTERTAINMENT is one of the leading Artist Management Companies in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. Most of the outstanding and excellent Indian artists as well as International artist are represented by the company. Our team members have a wide network that helps them in communicating with all the leading artists and also helps in organizing a grand event. This industry is a highly competitive industry with the flow of new artist every day. The main challenge is to strive in this business and the staff members keep themselves updated and this helps them to maintain their position in this market. The service offered includes complete solution of arranging the leading artists, celebrities, musicians, choreographers, models, playback singers, DJ’s, international dancers like belly dancers, pole dancers, item dancers and lot more. BRIGHT ENTERTAINMENT is known for delivering artist management service in India. Each client is very precious for the company and everyone is treated with special importance and care. The need of every customer is different and so the services offered to individual clients are customized according to their requirements. The professionals promise to deliver such service in the stipulated time. Our event management service is available at very reasonable and affordable rates so that maximum number of clients can avail this service. we Provide best Female Anchors/ Emcee, Percussionist Artist, Bollywood Dance Troupe, Punjabi Bhangra Troupe, Bharatanatyam Dancers and many more. we provide best availability of our artists so that they can serve you best The best way to create the perfect event is make sure that the initial hour or two make the perfect impression. They say that we as humans make up our mind within the first few moments whether it is going to be a great event in the same way as interviewers or audition panels do of prospective employees. So the meet and greet section of any event is crucial, you must have a team of people or a dedicated host to meet and greet everyone as they arrive, they must feel welcome and at ease immediately and its always great if you have some form of refreshment to hand to them as the coats and bags are removed and placed in a secure place. This will enable the attendees to relax right away and not have to search for a drink. Ice breaking in this first part of the evening is essential so it is most important that the guests are made comfortable and are offered refreshments both with drinks and some small snacks and canapés are perfect but more importantly you want to hear laughter and the sound of people enjoying themselves so some form of strolling entertainment is ideal for this. There are a multitude of choices depending on your style of event and/or budget. Here are just a few examples. Live statues - people can stand and watch these and they are always a talking point, they can be any style under the sun from a traditional Greek god style sculpture to a un earthly alien incarnation. Incognito singers - interesting concept that usually starts early on in the evening and then continues through the dinner and culminates in a vocal performance, these guys and girls usually seem to be waiting staff, the chef, the sound man or just guests who end up grabbing centre stage and amazing everyone with a operatic aria! Our team is known for offering well renowned service and also organizes events that are worthy to be appreciated. The other services which we offer includes stage decoration for events, providing the best sound effect as well as best lighting solution that helps in making the place look attractive for any occasion. Our goal is to provide a complete solution for arranging and organizing any events.

we manage artist in india and overseas to make your event memorable and great one - feel free to contact: +91-8506909872, +91-8076182216

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Note : It would be ideal if you Note: we have are claim restrictive topnotch national and global craftsman and acts, which entrance your visitor with their dazzling exhibitions.

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